We support federal FDA approval of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

In order to expedite FDA approval of psychedelic drugs, we need to expand scientific research. As a means to that end, we also support rescheduling psychedelic drugs out of Schedule I so as to minimize barriers to scientific research.

Redemptive Therapy Institute is currently working with various medical professional associations and societies to raise awareness on the effectiveness of psychedelic therapies and to help push our advocacy goals forward.

Furthermore, we publish a monthly newsletter aimed at educating health professionals and the general public about the benefits and risks of psychedelic drugs. Each month, we review top-tier scientific clinical studies in the psychedelic medicine space. By educating health professionals and the general public alike, we are reducing stigma around psychedelic drugs and raising awareness about their ability to treat debilitating diseases such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and addiction.

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